The Art of Passage: Trade, Colonial Expansion, Globalism

The History of Art Student’s Association (HASA) at the University of Toronto presents the Fourth Annual Undergraduate Symposium, this year in cooperation with the Graduate Union of Students’ of Art (GUStA) on March 9th and 10th, 2018. The joint symposium will feature keynote speaker Iftikhar Dadi from Cornell University.


The theme of this year’s undergraduate conference is The Art of Passage: Trade, Colonial Expansion, Globalism. 

We invite students to submit papers that explore topics relating to the theme, including but not limited to:

  • Internationalization of artistic styles
  • Colonialism and its effects on European and non-European cultural productions
  • Modern media’s effect on art production and promotion
  • Trade and its influence on artistic production and material culture
  • Migration, multiculturalism, and diaspora
  • Art and material culture related to diplomacy, alliances, and treaties

The aim for the conference is to create a supportive environment for undergraduate art historians to explore and challenge their fields of interest in art history.