Call for Papers

The History of Art Students’ Association (HASA) at the University of Toronto invites students from all fields of study to participate in the Third Annual History of Art Undergraduate Conference on March 10th and 11th 2017.

The theme of this year’s conference is Back to Basics: Material and Process. The purpose of the conference is to engage in a discussion on the use and manipulation of materials and processes throughout history to create works of art and objects of material culture.

We invite students to submit papers that explore topics relating to the theme, including but not limited to:

  • Significance of materials and processes through social and cultural factors
  • Materiality and immateriality
  • The readymade
  • Craftsmanship vs. Technology
  • Symbolic functions/historical associations of materials and processes
  • What we can learn about artists/craftsmen through the way they manipulate/use materials
  • Rejection of traditional techniques and materials
  • Diverse and/or experimental approaches to materials and processes throughout history

The aim of the conference is to create a supportive environment for undergraduate art historians to explore and challenge their fields of interest in art history.

The deadline for submissions has past.


Submit a Paper

We invite papers of 15-20 minutes (approx. 2500 words) on an issue related to the conference theme. Papers should be presentable and come accompanied with visual aids (i.e. slide projections, PowerPoint, etc.). Papers can be excerpts from larger works or separate pieces, but must have a strong thesis and be well evidenced with primary and secondary material. We ask for papers that show a high degree of independent thinking and may discuss any period in the art historical timeline. We welcome papers that take religious and/or historical approaches just as much as those that explore the theme in a literal and/ or a postmodern framework. 

Students interested in presenting at this year’s conference need to submit an abstract (max. 250 words) to Conference Chair by email: by Friday January 27th, 2017. Please include HASA Conference as your subject line. Everything should be in a single attachment as either a .pdf file. In your proposal, you should make sure to include: 
your name, university, course and year of study as of January 2017
, your paper’s title (or working title) and your abstract.


Acceptance emails will be sent out after the 27th of January deadline and before 10 February 2017. 

A full program will be available and emailed to the speakers once decisions have been finalized. It will also be posted on our website:

Unfortunately, the organizers are unable to provide accommodation for participants attending the conference.